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拉凡尔纳体验 (LVE) is the University of La Verne’s signature academic initiative. This nationally recognized 而且 unique program is driven by our commitment to educate the whole student, 一个不仅在学业上成功的人, but will move on to a productive career as a responsible community member, 一个有思想的公民.


Students learn important theoretical concepts in the classroom, from the traditional undergraduate to the doctoral student to the adult learner. An important way to fully grasp an idea is through active forms of learning. 的 concepts 而且 methods taught in the classroom are applied in actual settings in the field, adding depth the each student’s experience 而且 development. 拉凡尔纳体验 provides the opportunity for students on all campuses, 在所有程序中, participate in bringing theory to life in a practical setting.


第一年的拉凡尔纳体验—FLEX, for short—introduces 拉凡尔纳体验 to the traditional undergraduate. FLEX is the first year signature program, designed for first year, first semester students.


二年级拉凡尔纳体验解决方案, for short—carries 拉凡尔纳体验 into the sophomore year with a series of courses that increases student success in 而且 out of the classroom. 考虑到解决的职业方面, 教授帮助学生制定长期计划, 甚至可以预测20年后的未来.

“解决 is a far-reaching program that not only encompasses La Verne’s core values 而且 provides the skills needed to succeed in a liberal arts college, but it also encourages students to begin defining their role in solving local, 国家和全球问题,博士说. 凯特·韦弗,拉凡尔纳体验馆的总监.

综合 学习与反思

Tying together curricular 而且 non-curricular lessons for students in a holistic manner

Integrating information across discipline provides students with valuable perspectives on how to view 而且 resolve challenges in different ways. Students enhance their critical thinking skills as they solve problems 而且 explore issues. 反思是这一实践的重要组成部分. Students think reflectively 而且, as a result, write to clarify underst而且ing. 的 process of thinking 而且 writing reflectively helps a student lay philosophical foundations for his/her university career, 而且, 最终, 一种职业. 的se reflective practices support the student’s development in learning, living, 而且 leadership. 在这些时刻,学习开始改变pg电子下载. 学习成为个人的、真实的、持久的时刻. 这些时刻激励pg电子下载去学习更多,深入挖掘. 无论是在拉凡尔纳校区, 在法学院, 或者在贝克斯菲尔德, 拉凡尔纳的学生整合学习, 实践反思, 和成长, 无论是学术上还是个人上.

370年荣誉 荣誉项目 offers a challenging intellectual experience that complements any major at the University. Open to students with proven academic success in high school, the rigorous curriculum is taught by passionate 而且 knowledgeable professors, 而且 allows an opportunity concurrently to complete most general education requirements.

All Honors classes reinforce the essential skills acquired during college education: to write effectively, 沟通清楚, 批判性地思考. 的 program also provides opportunities for creative expression through innovative pedagogical contexts in small classes, 分析乘客的乘机出行的经历, 研究的机会, 以及职业准备.

活400年 的 La Verne experience for Juniors 而且 Seniors: 在ir junior year students continue to explore their major area of interest more deeply, 而且 begin internships or research to gain practical experience in the field they have chosen.

As seniors, every student participates in a capstone experience. 的 capstone provides students with the opportunity to apply the multi-faceted knowledge 而且 skills they have gained, 在他们最后的论文中, 研究项目, 艺术工作或实习.

活400年高级顶点课程, students focus on an interdisciplinary project to underst而且 the interconnection between different areas of study. In this course the students finalize their personal e-portfolios.

Creating opportunities for academic learning beyond the individual classroom

Learning communities provide the opportunity for students 而且 faculty to focus on meaningful learning outcomes, supporting the idea that education is not only an individual achievement, 而是要与他人分享. 拉凡尔纳体验 Builds connections to maximize a student’s discovery 而且 personal growth. 真正的学习不可能在真空中发生. Connecting oneself 而且 one’s new ideas with others across classrooms, 纵观整个课程, 并进入社区建立信心 , 加深经验, 最大化成功.


e-portfolio is a digital electronic showcase of one’s work over the 4 years at the University of La Verne. 的 e-portfolio is developed throughout the four-year 拉凡尔纳体验, 通识教育及主修课程, FLEX写作课程, 和其他接触点. 的 e-portfolio helps students control their own digital presence. It also builds 而且 collects materials that can be effective in their resumes, 未来的工作面试, 以及其他职业机会.


Students at University of La Verne integrate 拉凡尔纳体验 into all areas of their lives. 课外学习 activities include all university-related activities that take place outside of the regularly-scheduled, classroom-taught课程. This may include the student participating in intercollegiate sports, 辅导中学生的学生, 学生向有需要的人提供税收援助. Classroom time 而且 time spent studying is only a part of a student’s experience. 这所大学有很多课外活动的机会. With lifelong learning valued as a part of the foundation of La Verne, developing the whole student is a top priority of the student’s life at the university. 公民和社区参与办公室, 多元文化服务办公室, 校园活动委员会, 而且 other resources offer each student numerous ways to participate.